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Notes are exactly what they sound like - a place for you and your team to record short notices for properties and accounts. You can keep track of the strategic documentation related to your portfolio and assign tasks for your team members concerning a specific property, lease, unit or anything concerning your account.


To create a new note:

1. Click the Notes icon on the top right corner, next to the user menu and notifications bell icon.

2. Add new note by clicking the Add button on the top right corner.

3. Fill in the information such as

    • Title
    • Description
    • Type (note or task)
    • Assignee/Assignee group (only for tasks)
    • Linking to portfolio, property, unit, lease or tenant
    • Tags
    • Attachments

4. If you wish, you can make the note private by activating the Make private button so that others users will not see the note.

5. Click Save to complete.

The difference between a task and a note

Using Task will allow you to add a due date, update status, and assign it to specific users.

What are comments?

The comments belong to the notes, and are shown on the notes view, but which can only be created for “Quarterly report template” reports in the “Fund reports” tab.

Linking a note to a portfolio, property, unit, lease, or tenant

By linking a note, it will become visible to all users who have access to the linked portfolio, property, unit, lease, or tenant. Remember that if you don’t link a note, they are only visible to you and the person who you may have assigned it to.


Viewing Notes

In the notes view, you have separate tabs for all tasks and notes. You can also filter the notes based on assignee, status, type and portfolio.

Moreover, you can find the notes which are assigned to you (Assigned to me) or which are created by you (Created by me). The red line on the left side of any note indicates that the due date is passed but the status is still open or in progress.

All the notes linked to property, unit, lease or a tenant can also be found under the views of property/lease/unit/contact. If a note is assigned to you, you will get a notification of it when you login next time.

You can also find notes by using global search and searching by the title, tags, or assignee's you have used. Additionally, you have the option to sort the notes according to the date or due date.


Editing, replying or forwarding the notes

Select the note from the notes view and click the three dots to edit. Remember, you can only edit the notes that you yourself have created. Save your changes or press Cancel to exit without saving changes.

You can also reply or forward notes and tasks. When you forward a note, you can edit or add further information to the note and reassign it.


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