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Comparison and review

With the comparison view, you can compare a budget/scenario to the actual one while seeing the year's estimate and forecast. In the comparison view, the values come from the actual and remaining months of the selected year from the chosen budget.

The budgeting functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise subscription types. Please contact your Assetti account manager or our Sales team for more information.


How to create a comparison view

  1. Select a property > Financial info tab.
  2. Click the three dots next to the time selector > Add comparison.
  3. Define the following information for the comparison:
    1. Name
    2. Comment
    3. Select the source data. Here you select the budget you want to compare with the actual one.
    4. Select the grid information. You can add the following columns to the comparison view:
      1. A rolling estimate based on an actual and selected budget. It predicts future financial performance over a period of time based on the historical data.
      2. Numerical difference between the estimate and budget.
      3. Forecast based on the difference between actual and budget.
      4. Numerical difference between the estimate and forecast.




The Review tab allows you to compare the operating budget with the actual figures for the current year on a quarterly basis. The view is dynamic so changes in the financial data are directly reflected in it.

You can enable the view in your account settings if you have an administrator user rights.

  1. Open the User menu by clicking your user name in the upper right corner.
  2. Settings > Property > Financial info > Review
  3. Tick the box to activate the selection and save.


The review is in the Financial info tab.



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