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Commenting in Quaterly Reports

After a user has created a quarterly report on the “Fund reporting” tab, other users can comment on it. The report has to be made on the “Quarterly report template” so that it can be commented on.

In the report, the comments will be added to individual rows (e.g. “Income” row.) The report can be commented only before publishing. Read here how to assign tasks to other users.


Follow these steps to comment on the report:

  1. Open the report from the all reports view on “Fund reporting” tab. 
  2. Click the blue plus + icon at the end of the row that you want to add a note to.
  3. Add new note’ view will open. There you can:
  • Decide whether or not to show the note in the published report by clicking the "show in report" switch (in red below)
  • Create a title
  • Add description
  • Assign a comment to a user or to a group
  • Add tags (remember to hit 'enter' after typing a tag!)
  • Upload any attachments
  1. Save comment


After you have saved the comment, an orange mark will appear next to the title on the row. You can edit the comment in the last column by clicking the pen icon. In addition to “Fund reporting”, all the comments can be found by clicking “Notes” on the upper panel.



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