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Account maps

To add information to your financial info tab, first, you need a chart of accounts or an account map. This map allows the system to connect your financial numbers with the correct account. You can find the account map by clicking on your username and selecting the Account maps

Depending on your own account, you may not be able to access these settings. Please contact your administrator if this is the case. 


Each account already has one account map as a default. In this account map, there is one account, a book value. This account is needed when updating financial values. The new account maps can be added on the user interface or by using the Import function. The amount of available account maps is dependent upon your subscription type.


Adding a new account map through the user interface

  1. Click the Add icon on the top right corner of the Account maps page. 
  2. Name the account map and save it.
  3. Add accounts to the account map by clicking the Add icon on the account map’s Info.
  4. For each account, you can define:
    • Group name
    • Group code
    • Code
    • Name
    • Type
    • Sub-type
    • Description
    • Rent type, read more about deploying the rent types here
  5. Save.


Types and sub-types

When adding a new account, the account number and name are mandatory, but type and sub-type are required before you can import financial data. You can see more options for type and sub-type selections when you update the account map in settings. Read more about updating settings here.



Linking the account map

Link the account map to the properties by navigating to Link properties. In this view, you can select the properties which the account map is linked to. The financial data can be imported without any linkage, however, you cannot add any values on the user interface’s Financial info tab if the account map is not linked to the corresponding property.




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