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Financial information in Assetti

By importing your asset’s Financial Data into Assetti, you will get the most out of your subscription. Depending on your subscription plan, property-specific Financials can be updated accurately at the account level, directly from accounting, (NOI1, NOI2, NOI3 levels) or as whole numbers at NOI1 level without an account map. In addition, it is possible to import financial information at only the asset level in Assetti. For information regarding importing your financial info at the portfolio level, please check out our article here.


It is possible to update the data with the Data Import functionality. You can also keep the data up-to-date by taking advantage of an integration that imports the data directly from your accounting system.

How can I view the property's financial information?

Regardless of your subscription plan, you can always see the imported financial information in the Metrics view and in the summary on the Property Info tab in the sections of Commercial Information and Operating Expenses.



Following metrics utilise income and expenses:

  • OPEX budget vs. actual
  • Yield %
  • Yield by assets


An account-level view can be found on the Financial Information tab of the Property and Portfolio.


In this view, you can utilize the NOI1 and NOI2 breakdown. In addition to the actualisation, you can import budgets or create new budget scenarios and compare them with the actual ones. Read more about budgeting here.


Data from the Financial Information view is transferred directly to the property's yield and key figures and maintenance costs sections on the property's Info tab.


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