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What data can I export?

You are able to export different type of data from Assetti from the user menu or specific views.

1. User menu

These exports are done through the export functionality in your user menu. You can see the instructions here. Most export files correspond to a default import template.


2. Specific Views

These exports are done using Export button on upper right corner of each main view. Specific export field types differs in each main view (Properties/KPIs/Leases/Units/Contacts) depending on the content of each view. Remember: these export fields reflect your filters in the user interface.

The following are the available exports in each section. Please note, this list does not include reports:

Properties view
  • Properties export
  • Properties valuations export
  • Properties valuation breakdown export
  • Book values export
  • Income and costs export
  • Leases export
  • OPEX export
  • Units export
KPIs view
  • Portfolio metrics export
  • Property metrics export
  • Unit metrics export
  • Lease metrics export
  • Tenant metrics export
  • OPEX metrics export
  • Note: Each KPIs tab (e.g. Units) has unique export options (see above)
Leases view
  • Leases export
Units view
  • Leases export 
  • Units export
Contacts views
  • Contacts export
  • Leases export


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