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What type of user account do I have?

An account may have multiple user roles and each has different settings and access rights. These are controlled by the Administrator of the environment. You can find out what role you have and what access rights you are given through the My account and the Account management functions under your user menu in the top right corner. 

1. User Access Rights:

Each user has individual access rights controlled by an account's admin. The access rights restrict a user's access to certain portfolios, properties, and features. This function allows you to segment your users and ensure a higher level of security for your data. It is up to an account's administrator whether or not to implement this function. Note: Your access rights effects your ability to add data to Assetti. For example: When you import data of a property you don't have access to, you will receive an Error message and the data will not be imported to Assetti. 

How to check your user access rights

2. User Permissions:

Besides access rights, you can also restrict the user's ability to edit or view certain contents in Assetti. This enables you to create different roles among your users such as asset managers, property managers, and investors. The content groups in Assetti are: Properties, Strategy, OPEX, Leases, Units, KPI, Contacts, Import, Settings, User profile, sell properties, and fund report; which reflect respective sections of Assetti. For each content group, a user can have permission to Edit, Read, or None

How to check your user permissions 


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