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Viewing all properties

See the introduction to Assetti's main views to understand the available features.  

How to view your properties


  1. Select Properties from the left side menu.
  2. Click My properties placed under the main title to see all the properties.
  3. My Properties view includes several specific features you can utilise:
  • View options: icons placed on the upper right side, can be used to change property view 
    • tile_view_icon.png tile view with large image, property's name, located city, type, value, area and yield. 
    • list_view_icon.png list view with small image, property's name, address, type, value, area, and yield.
    • map_view_icon.png map view with a responsive map which shows geographical locations of your properties. 
  • Sort: you can sort your properties by Name, Yield, Value or Area.
  • Time selection: you can choose to show your property's data of Current fiscal year (YTD), Last fiscal year or Last 12 months.
  • Filter and tag search: you can use tag search, filters (by Property type, Asset class, Ownership status) and sliders (of NOI, Yield, GLA) from the right side of the screen to filter your properties. 

User tip

Use tag search to analyse properties from selected cities by filtering city names, you can also use incomplete words and view all the results including those characters. 

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